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Quantum Of Solace

January 30, 2009

Title : Quantum Of Solace
Genres: Action/Adventure, Thriller, Adaptation and Sequel
Release Date: November 14th, 2008 (wide)
Distributors: Sony Pictures Releasing
U.S. Box Office: $168,368,427
Starring: Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, Giancarlo Giannini, Jesper Christensen, Mathieu Amalric
Directed by: Marc Forster

Synopsis :

The film continues immediately after the events of Casino Royale with Bond driving from Lake Garda to Siena, Italy. With the captured Mr. White in the luggage compartment of his car, Bond is attacked by chasing henchmen. After evading his pursuers, Bond and M interrogate White regarding his organisation, Quantum. M’s bodyguard, Mitchell, is revealed as a traitor, attacking M and allowing White to escape; Bond chases Mitchell across Siena and kills him. Following a forensic investigation into Mitchell’s apartment, Bond heads to Haiti to track down and kill Mitchell’s contact. Bond learns that henchman Slate was sent to kill Camille Montes at the behest of her lover, Dominic Greene, the chairman of an ecological organization called Greene Planet. While observing her meeting with Greene, Bond learns that Greene is helping the Bolivian general Medrano – who murdered Camille’s family – overthrow his government in exchange for a seemingly barren piece of desert.

Greene has Camille escorted away on Medrano’s boat to “sweeten” their deal, but Bond rescues her. Bond then follows Greene to a private jet, which flies him to a performance of Tosca at Lake Constance, Austria. Bond infiltrates Quantum’s meeting at the opera, and a gunfight ensues in a restaurant. A bodyguard of Guy Haines, an advisor to the British Prime Minister, is accidentally killed, and M has Bond’s passports and credit cards revoked. Bond travels to Italy to reunite with his old ally René Mathis, whom he convinces to accompany him to La Paz. They are greeted by Strawberry Fields, an MI6 field operative from the British Consulate, who demands that Bond return to the UK on the next available flight. Bond disobeys and seduces her in their hotel suite.

Bond meets Camille again at a fund-raiser being held by Greene, and they leave hastily together, but are pulled over by the Bolivian police. The police order Bond to open the luggage compartment of his vehicle, revealing a bloodied Mathis. As Bond lifts Mathis out of the vehicle, the policemen open fire and fatally wound Mathis. After Bond subdues the police and deposits Mathis’ body in a waste container, Bond and Camille drive to Greene’s intended land acquisition and survey the area in a Douglas DC-3 plane. They are intercepted and shot down by an Aermacchi SF.260 fighter and a Bell UH-1 Iroquois helicopter. They escape from the crippled plane by parachuting; landing in a sinkhole. While escaping the cave, Bond and Camille discover Quantum is blockading Bolivia’s supply of fresh water, normally flowing in subterranean rivers, by damming it. The duo return to La Paz, where Bond meets M and learns Quantum murdered Fields by drowning her in crude oil. Believing that Bond has become a threat to both friend and foe, M orders him to disarm and end his activities in Bolivia, but he defies her and escapes.

Bond meets CIA agent Felix Leiter at a local bar, who discloses Greene and Medrano will meet at an eco-hotel in the Bolivian desert. After the meeting, Bond attacks and kills the departing Colonel of Police for betraying Mathis, and sets off a chain of explosions in the hotel when a hydrogen fuel tank is hit by an out of control vehicle. Camille kills Medrano, and Bond captures Greene. After interrogating him, he leaves Greene stranded in the middle of the desert with only a can of motor oil. Bond drives Camille to a train station, where they kiss before she departs.

Bond goes to Kazan, Russia, where he confronts Vesper Lynd’s former lover, Yusef Kabira. Yusef is a member of Quantum who seduces high-ranking women with valuable connections, getting them to give up government assets as ransom for himself in fake kidnappings where he is supposedly held hostage. He is attempting to do the same with Canadian agent Corinne Veneau, even giving her the same kind of necklace he gave Vesper. Surprising them at Yusef’s apartment, Bond tells Corinne about Vesper and advises her to alert the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. As Bond is leaving Yusef’s apartment he is confronted by M, who is surprised that Bond did not kill Yusef, but rather left him alive for questioning. M reveals that Leiter has been promoted at the CIA to replace Beam, and that Greene was found in the desert, shot dead and with motor oil in his stomach. Bond doesn’t volunteer any information on Greene, but tells M that she was right about Vesper. M then tells Bond that MI6 needs him and fully reinstates him as an agent. Bond walks off into the night telling M that he never left. As he leaves, he drops Vesper’s necklace in the snow.



January 30, 2009

Title : Doubt
Genres: Drama, Adaptation and Politics/Religion
Release Date: December 12th, 2008 (limited)
Distributors: Miramax Films
U.S. Box Office: $26,753,136
Starring: Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Adams, Viola Davis, Alice Drummond
Directed by: John Patrick Shanley

Synopsis :

Set in 1964 at a Catholic church in the Bronx, the film opens with Father Flynn (Phillip Seymour Hoffman) giving a sermon on the nature of doubt, noting that, like faith, it can be a unifying force. That evening, Sister Aloysius (Meryl Streep), the strict headmistress of the attached school, discusses the sermon with her fellow Sisters of Charity of New York nuns. She asks if anyone has observed unusual behavior to give Father Flynn cause for preaching about doubt, and instructs them to keep their eyes open for any such behavior.

Sister James (Amy Adams), a young and naive teacher, observes the closeness between Father Flynn and Donald Miller, the school’s only African American student and an altar boy. One day during class, Sister James receives a call in her class asking for Donald Miller to meet Father Flynn in the rectory. When he returns, Donald is distraught and Sister James notices the smell of alcohol on his breath. Later, while her students are learning a dance, she sees Father Flynn placing a white shirt in Donald’s locker. On guard for unusual behavior, Sister James reveals her suspicions to Sister Aloysius.

Under the pretext of discussing problems with the school’s Christmas play, Sisters Aloysius and James confront Father Flynn with their suspicions that his relationship with Donald may be inappropriate. Several times, Father Flynn asks them to leave the matter alone as a private issue between the boy and himself but Sister Aloysius persists. The priest relents, revealing that Donald had been caught drinking altar wine. He had agreed to protect the student and allow him to remain an altar boy provided that no one else discovered his transgression. Having now been forced to reveal the truth, Father Flynn advises the nuns that he is disappointed in the way they handled this and that he will need to dismiss Donald as an altar boy.

Initially, Sister James is relieved and convinced of Father Flynn’s innocence, but Sister Aloysius’ belief that he has behaved inappropriately with the boy is unshakeable. Sister James later confronts Father Flynn about the shirt she saw him leaving in Donald’s locker, having not revealed this detail to Sister Aloysius. They discuss his relationship with the boy and Sister James’ doubts are assuaged.

Sister Aloysius sends for Donald Miller’s mother to reveal her suspicions. Mrs. Miller (Viola Davis) surprises Sister Aloysius by stating that she should not pursue the matter further and that he only has to last until the end of the school year before he goes on to attend high school. Mrs. Miller believes her son to be gay. To protect him from an abusive father, she asks that the matter be dropped.

Despite having no evidence and no support from Donald’s mother, Sister Aloysius demands that Father Flynn tell the truth or she will go to his superiors. Father Flynn repeats that there is no illicit relationship, but Sister Aloysius says she knows that he has a history of problems, having moved to three different parishes in five years. She mentions contacting a nun at one of Father Flynn’s prior churches who corroborated her suspicions. Father Flynn is furious that she has gone outside the chain of command by contacting a nun rather than the church’s priest. Sister Aloysius demands that he resign. Unable to stand up to her willingness to destroy his character, he relents.

Following his final sermon, the nuns sit together in the church garden. Sister Aloysius tells Sister James that although Father Flynn has left, he has been given a more prestigious parish with its parochial school, in effect a promotion. She goes on to reveal that she lied about speaking to a nun at Father Flynn’s former church. Repeating a line from earlier in the film that “In the pursuit of wrongdoing, one steps away from God,” she adds that there is also a price. Aloysius breaks down in tears and says to Sister James, “I have such doubts.”

IP Man

January 30, 2009

Title : IP Man
Genres: Action, Martial Art/Foreign, Drama and Biopic
Release Date: 18 December 2008
Distributors: Mandarin Films Distribution Co. Ltd.
Starring: Donnie Yen, Simon Yam
Directed by: Wilson Yip
Synopsis :

Ip Man is adapted from the life story of Ip Man, the grandmaster of the Wing Chun style of kung fu and sifu of legendary kung fu superstar Bruce Lee. This film is the first important record of the master’s life.

In the 1930s, Foshan thrives as the hub of Chinese wushu, with various sects actively recruiting disciples. They often compete against each other to prove their strengths. While Ip Man is an accomplished martial artist, he is unassuming and keeps a low-profile, and doesn’t run any martial arts school, nor accept students. He only stays at home, quietly sparring with his compatriots in friendly competitions, swapping pointers with each other.

One day, Ip Man (Donnie Yen) is challenged by Master Liao (Chen Zhi Hui), who just set up a wushu school, in a closed match. The brother of Ip’s teahouse owner friend, Sha Da Yuan(Wong You-Nam), who witnessed the entire fight while trying to retrieve his kite from a tree on the side of Ip Man’s house, tells everyone about Master Liao losing.

Seeing it as a public humiliation, Master Liao gets into disputes with Sha, and forces the local officer Inspector Li Zhao to arrive. He mocks them by stating that in their era, duels are meant to be fought with guns, but Ip Man proves him wrong by forcing the cylinder of his gun out with a single finger and manages to tame things down.

Henchmen of Jin Shan Zhao (Fan Siu-Wong) are going around challenging various wushu schools in Foshan. The teahouse owner and Martial Arts Zealot Lin (Xing Yu) informs Ip Man, who was however, unable to go out and aid the masters because he respected his wife, Wing Cheng (Lynn Hung), who dislikes her husband fighting. Eventually, Jin Shan Zhao finds Ip’s residence and challenged him. Ip dispenses him with ease using four Wing Chun Forms: fist, footwork, blade and cudgel. Afterwards, the people of Foshan revered him greatly.

Following Japanese invasion in 1937, everyone’s life is adversely affected. Ip’s property is confiscated and his family is forced to live in a decrepit house. Being one with strong pride, Ip refuses charity from his wealthy friend Zhou Qing Quan (Simon Yam), owner of a cotton mill, opting instead to work as a coolie at a coal mine to sustain his family, which turns out to be the workplace for several former Wushu diciples and masters. At the mine, he reunites with Lin, who tells him that his brother Sha is missing.

Later, General Miura (Hiroyuki Ikeuchi), together with his troops, arrives. As a fanatical practitioner in martial arts himself, he sets up an arena for the former Wushu fighters to fight against Japanese judo practitioners, offering rice as a reward. However, to another high-ranking Japanese officer Sato’s (Shibuya Tenma) mind, they cannot afford to lose, they must preserve Japanese superiority and dignity. Li Zhao has become an interpretor for the Japanese.

Eagerly taking up the challenge, Lin makes use of the opportunity to demean the Japanese (loosing a small metal box at the same time, which he told Ip Man to find). Miura decided to fight himself, and demanded three of the Chinese to fight him, including Lin. The two other men declared defeat, but Lin continued fighting and was brutally beaten to death.

The following day, Ip Man notices Lin’s absence, and decides to fight in the arena for rice. He witnesses the death of former Master Liao when officer Sato shoots him, due to the fact that he took the rice even after losing to three of the fighters. Li also tells Ip Man that his friend Lin is dead. Enraged, Ip Man demanded to be faced by 10 fighters, which he dispatches swiftly, much to the interest of General Miura.

Later, it is revealed that Jin Shan Zhao and his men are hijacking trucks and stealing their goods, and Sha has joined their ranks. They bully Zhou Qing Quan into giving them money, but since his goods could not be sold, they give him a short time to gain funds. Zhou’s son quickly calls for Ip Man, and Zhou asks for Ip Man to teach them Wushu to protect themselves. Thanks to his teachings, the workers in the factory become fluent at Wushu.

At the coal mine, Miura notices that Ip Man has not turned up again, and calls for the troops to search for Ip Man. Sato and several other soldiers are sent to Ip Man’s home, but Ip Man takes the entire squad down after Sato harasses her wife, Wing Chen. Li helps Ip Man’s family relocate to a smaller house.

Jin Shan Zhao’s men return to the Cotton mill, but thanks to Ip Man’s teachings, the cotton workers were able to defend themselves from Jin’s men. Ip Man arrives to assist them, and later single handedly defeats Jin Shan Zhao’s men and Sha, muting Jin’s right ear in the process. Before Sha could flee, Ip Man stops him and tells him that his brother is dead. He also gives him the Lin’s metal box, which Ip Man found in the coal mine. Sha opens the box, and discovers that it contains the kite he retrieved from the tree on the day he witnessed Ip Man fighting with Master Liao, causing him to break into tears.

The Japanese troops search for Ip Man, and in the process, they raided the cotton factory. Ip Man himself turns up to protect them and arrests him, telling Li and Zhou Qing Quan to take his family out of Foshan. General Miura tells him that he plans to duel with him, and asks for him to teach the Japanese Wushu. Ip Man refuses, saying that he cannot fight after all the atocrities that the Japanese Army commited. Officer Kato threatened to Ip Man that if he wins the duel, he will shoot him dead, but Ip Man explains further that Wushu is based on Confucian Ideas, and he cannot teach the Japanese because they have abused their military power.

Meanwhile, Zhou Qing Quan takes Ip Man’s family out of Foshan, but Wing Cheng cries in despair, fearing that this will be Ip Man’s last match, causing Zhou Qing Quan to bring Ip Man’s family back to Foshan to witness the match.

During Ip Man’s match against General Miura, Ip Man beats up General Miura severely, winning the match, but he is shot by Officer Kato. The crowd is provoked, and they break past the Japanese guards to come to the wounded Ip Man’s aid. Kato is killed when Li wrestles Kato over the gun. At the end of the film, it is revealed that Ip Man and his family fled to Hong Kong after the incident, and he set up a new Martial Arts school that teaches the art of Wing Chun (A Master who teach Bruce Lee).

City Of Ember

January 30, 2009

Title : City Of Ember
Genres: Action/Adventure, Kids/Family, Science Fiction/Fantasy and Adaptation
Release Date: October 10th, 2008 (wide)
Distributors: Fox Walden
U.S. Box Office: $7,871,693
Starring: Bill Murray, Toby Jones, Saoirse Ronan, Tim Robbins, Martin Landa
Directed by: Gil Kenan

Synopsis :

The movie introduction explains that the City of Ember is a fully-contained city built underground to house a human community for 200 years as a shelter from an unspecified disaster. Having long since passed the 200-year mark, Ember’s food supplies are becoming depleted and blackouts are increasingly frequent and longer-lasting, as the hydroelectric generator that powers the city has deteriorated. Much of the knowledge and technology from the city’s near-mythic Builders and earlier generations has been lost.

Two 12-year-olds, Lina Mayfleet (Saoirse Ronan) and Doon Harrow (Harry Treadaway), who live in the City of Ember are graduating from school. They begin their assigned jobs with Lina as one of the messengers who deliver communications around the city following the collapse of the telephone system. Doon is a technician in the Pipeworks of the hydroelectric generator. Lina witnesses the city’s decay as she relays messages, and Doon learns that the Pipeworks are held together with increasing amounts of patchwork. Nobody knows in detail how any of the city’s systems work. After a major malfunction of the generator during the city’s annual celebration, Lina and Doon conclude that Ember is in danger of imminent collapse. With the city’s adult population either largely ignorant of their plight or cowed by the corrupt Mayor Cole (Bill Murray), Lina and Doon search for the clues left by the Builders showing the citizens of Ember how to save themselves.

Mayor Cole, understanding the gravity of the city’s situation, has been stockpiling food in a secret bunker to guarantee his own survival. He suspects that Lina, a descendant of an earlier mayor who died in office, and Doon may be in possession of lost secrets about Ember and orders them arrested. The pair escape and begin their egress from the city with instructions left by the Builders. They discover a means of evacuation from the city and receive unexpected assistance from Doon’s elderly mentor Sul (Martin Landau). Meanwhille, Mayor Cole goes to his bunker and is eaten by a huge, mutated mole. Initially they despair at the enveloping darkness described in Ember’s folklore when they emerge from their journey, but when the sun rises they discover that light has returned to the skies and the planet has recovered. They also see the lights of Ember deep below the surface and realize they had lived in an underground city. Lina and Doon drop a message tied to a rock through a crevasse down to Ember telling the other citizens how to leave the city, where it is found by Loris Harrow, Doon’s father and one of the few adults cognizant of the city’s plight.

My Mother The Mermaid

January 28, 2009

Title : My Mother The Mermaid

Also known as: Ineo gongju

Release Date: 2004

Genre: Fantasy, Chronicle

Starring : Jeon Do Yeon, Park Hae il, Ko Du Shim, Kim Bu Seon

Synopsis :

By chance, she falls into a mysterious world Na-young works at a post office and is sick and tired of being around her shamefully unyielding mother and her pushover father who’s excessively nice. The only thing that she can look forward to is her trip abroad in a few days. But one day, her father leaves home without any notice. Her mother doesn’t care what happens to him and doesn’t care to look for him. Na-young has no choice but to give up her dream trip abroad and to search for her father instead. Once she arrives at her parents’ hometown, Na-young is shocked to meet someone she’d never expect, even in her dreams.

She meets her 20-year old mother The person who appears before Na-young is her 20-year old mother, Yeon-soon, who looks just like Na-young. The world that Na-young falls into is the time and place her mother lived in 30 years ago. Yeon-soon thinks of her future daughter, Na-young, as her friend and treats her very nice. Na-young is shocked over her mother’s pure and innocent appearance, which is totally different from what her mother will be years later. Na-young so happens to live there with her mother, Yeon-soon, and soon after she discovers that her mother has an unrequited love for a young postman. The postman, who rides a bicycle with his glittering eyes, is none other than her father Jin-kook

After falling into this mysterious world, Na-young gets tangled up in the middle of the love that unfolds between her mother and father.

My Darling FBI

January 28, 2009

Title : My Darling FBI

Also known as: Her Little Secret / Swit! Geun-nyeo-e-gen Bi-mil-i-e-yo

Release Date: 2008

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Starring : Kim Gyoo Ri, Ricky Kim

Synopsis :

Mimi falls in love with Albert while working for the Korean embassy in the United States. But Albert disappears on the day he is supposed to propose to her. In fact, he is an FBI agent and has to conceal that fact. Mimi returns to her hometown when her visa expires. Albert follows her to Korea but Mimi and her neighbors are not happy with his belated apology.


January 28, 2009

Title : Truck

Also known as: Deureok

Release Date: 2008

Genre: Thriller

Starring : Yoo Hae Jin, Jin Goo, Lee Joon Ha, Kim Joon Bae

Synopsis :

Chul-min (Yoo Hae-jin) is a simple truck driver transporting liquor, vegetables and other necessities.

When his daughter is diagnosed with a congenital heart disease, he scrambles to borrow money from his friends to pay for for the operation but cannot raise the necessary amount. He follows a friend to a gambling house to raise the outstanding money, but luck deserts him and he loses everything. In a further bout of bad luck, he enters the wrong room in the gambling den only to witness a gang boss stabbing several victims to death in a murderous rage. After his friend begs for Chul-min’s life, the gang boss sends him to a faraway province to dispose of the corpses.

Carrying the dead bodies in his truck, Chul-min listens to the radio for company on the nerve-racking journey. The news program is about extraordinary serial killer Young-ho (Ku Jin) who is under police escort to a mental asylum. As Chul-min passes a country lane, he spots a car that has fallen into the ditch. Inside, he finds the bodies of several murdered policemen. After some hesitation, he leaves to complete his duty to bury the corpses. However, a policeman unexpectedly flags his truck down and orders him to drive him to the exact province that he is heading to. As Chul-min unravels the real identity of his passenger, his nightmare really begins…

Ride Away

January 28, 2009

Title : Ride Away

Also known as: Dallyeora Jajeonkeo

Release Date: 2008

Genre: Romance, Drama

Starring : Han Hyo Joo, Lee Yeong Hoon, Kim Eun Soo, Song Kwang Won

Synopsis :

Ha-jung (Hyo-ju Han), a first-year college student, is interested in a boy namedSu-ook (Young-hoon Lee) who works at a secondhand bookstore near her school. In order to see Su-wook, Ha-jung visits the shop to buy and sell books; over time, her lifestyle becomes focused on Su-wook. She learns that he rides around on his bicycle, and this leads her to learn to ride one. They begin to express their feelings for each other, but neither of them are aware of each other’s painful secrets from the past.

Who’s That Knocking at My Door?

January 28, 2009

Title : Who’s That Knocking at My Door?

Also known as: Ju-su-ji-e-seon geon-jim chi-ta

Release Date: 2007

Genre: Thriller, Horror

* Ji-kyu Lim – Je-hwi Min
* Sang-woo Pyo (표상우) – Pyo
* So-si Yun – Jang-hee Nam
* Ji-yeon Lim (1984) – Ro-mi
* Sung-ha Cho – Byeong-cheol Choi
* Jae-yong Lee

Synopsis :

There are five lonely souls: Je-hwi, who hides himself from the world. Jang-hui, who is obsessed with certificates of qualification; Byeong-cheol, who believes that he has a fatal disease; and the lovers, Pyo and Romi. One day, a woman who committed suicide suddenly appears before them.

You Are My Destiny

January 27, 2009

  • Judul : Neoneun Nae Unmyeong
  • Judul Alias : You Are My Destiny / You Are My Life
  • Genre: Romance, family
  • Episodes: 178 (11 DVD)
  • Broadcast network: KBS1
  • Tahun : 2008-May-05 to 2009-Jan-09
  • Pemain : Im Yoon Ah (Jang Sae Byuk), Lee Ji Hoon (Kim Tae Poong),
  • Lee Pil Mo (Kim Tae Young), Gong Hyun Joo (Kim Soo Bin),
  • Park Jae Jung (Kang Ho Se), Lee Seol Ah (Kang Yu Ri),
  • Kim Jung Nan (Ban So Young), Choi Won Young (Nam Gyeong Woo)

Synopsis :

Jang Sae Byuk adalah seorang gadis yang sedang mencari arti kehidupan setelah dia menerima sebuah donor mata dari dokter yang merawatnya waktu dia kecelakaan. Dokter itu bernama Kim Na Young,mati dalam sebuah kecelakaan dalam perjalanannya kembali dari Afrika. Sae Byuk menjadi dekat dengan keluarga Na Young setelah bertemu dengan mereka. Keluarga Kim Na Young perlahan menerimanya sebagai bagian dari keluarga tersebut.

Kang Ho Se dan Kim Tae Poong (Saudara kembar Na Young), saling tidak menyukai sejak mereka masih kecil. Tae Poong sangat membenci Ho Se karena keluarga Ho Se kaya dan juga karena ayahnya Tae Poong adalah sopir ayah Ho Se, dan ibunya Tae Poong adalah pembantu.