Who slept with her?

Also known as: Hot for Teacher / Nuga geunyeo-wa jasseulkka (Who Slept with Her)

Release Date: 2006

Genre: Comedy


  • Kim Sa-rang as Ji-young
  • Park Jun-gyoo as Jae-Seong
  • Ha Seok-jin as Tae-yo
  • Ha Dong-hoon as Myong-sub
  • Lee Hyeok-jae as Slanted Eyes


Ji-Young (Kim Sa-Rang) has been placed into a religious all-boys high school as a student teacher. Her arrival brings the entire school to a standstill, with one student even squeezing his milk carton and spurting milk out (guess what that imagery is supposed to represent).

Being a Korean high school, the students are ruled by the iron fist of the dean of students, who’s called “Slanted Eyes” (Lee Hyeok-jae) and literally shoots laser beams at those that cross him. At the school festival, he hears some amorous noises in the library, and soon after discovers a shoe that belongs to Ji-Young.

Determined to find out who did it, Slanted Eyes uses his brain’s flashback function and pins down three possible suspects: lady killer Tae-yo (Ha Seok-Jin), who is legendary for being able to get into a girl’s pants within five minutes; Jae-Seong (veteran actor Park Jun-Gyu), whose appearance is explained by a mishap with herbal medicine; and class pervert Myong-sub (Ha Dong-hoon), who gets right to the point regarding his intentions with Ji-Young.

They all have tried at one point or another to go after Ji Young, but there can be only one.


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